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Ruby Set union() method

In ruby programming language, union() set methods are used to merge an enumerable object into set. The syntax of this method as follows.

set.union(enum) -> new set

This method are accept an enumerable object and returning a new set. The resultant set contains distinct objects.

Ruby union method example

require "set"
# Set s1
s1 = Set[10,20,['a', 'b']]
# Set s2
s2 = Set[40,30]

# Set s3
# union of s1 and s2 set
s3 = s1.union(s2)

# union of s1 set and enumerable object
s4 = s2.union([40,60])

# Display result
print("\ns1 : ",s1.to_a)
print("\ns2 : ",s2.to_a)
print("\ns3 : ",s3.to_a)
print("\ns4 : ",s4.to_a)
Ruby union set method example 1

s1 : [10, 20, ["a", "b"]]
s2 : [40, 30]
s3 : [10, 20, ["a", "b"], 40, 30]
s4 : [40, 30, 60]


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