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Ruby Set subset method

In ruby programming, subset() set method are use to check if the set is a subset of the given set. When the set is a subset of given set in then this method return true value otherwise return false value. Syntax of this method as follows.

set.subset(set) -> boolean true or false

This method are takes a parameter which is form of set.

Example of subset?() Set method

# Example 1
require "set"

s = Set[2,9,6,4,8,5]

# Check whether given set is subset of s.
r1 = Set[5,9].subset?(s)
r2 = Set[1,2,9].subset?(s)

print(" s  : ",s.to_a)
# Display result
print("\n r1 : ",r1)
print("\n r2 : ",r2)
Ruby set subset method example 1
 s  : [2, 9, 6, 4, 8, 5]
 r1 : true
 r2 : false


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