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Ruby reverse array method

In ruby programming language the reverse method of the array returns a new array that includes the inverted sequence element of the given array. That syntax as follows.

// Or

It is an inbuilt method and does not require any other module for its use. let's take an example to understand working functionality.

# Given arrays (code,num)
code = ["C","C++","Java","Ruby","Swift","Python"]
num = [1,2,3]
# Apply reverse method
c = code.reverse()
n = num.reverse
# Display array elements
print(" code : ",code)
print("\n c    : ",c)
print("\n num  : ",num)
print("\n n    : ",n)
Ruby reverse array method example
 code : ["C", "C++", "Java", "Ruby", "Swift", "Python"]
 c    : ["Python", "Swift", "Ruby", "Java", "C++", "C"]
 num  : [1, 2, 3]
 n    : [3, 2, 1]

Note that this method is returning a new elements which contain reverse order element. If we want to change the actual array, assign the result of the reverse method to the actual array (variable name).

# Given array
record = ["me",nil,[1,4,3],9083]

# Display array element
print(" Before : ",record)

# Apply reverse method
record = record.reverse

# Display array element
print("\n After    : ",record)
Reverse actual array element
 Before : ["me", nil, [1, 4, 3], 9083]
 After    : [9083, [1, 4, 3], nil, "me"]

Note that the reverse() method changes the element order of a given array, if the elements inside it include other enumerable objects, then its internal elements are not modified.


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