Php to javascript converter online

This tool are convert PHP code to equivalent, relevant javascript code.

Please note that this tool is still in its infancy. This is capable to convert user defined functions and some inbuilt Php method. Whose parity is less than 40% now. However it can be made more precise. We are working on it continuously. And will try to give you a better medium.

How to use?

Your php code must be inside <?php ?> tag.

And your code must be valid not produce any kind of warning and error.


Please share your knowledge to improve code and content standard. Also submit your doubts, and test case. We improve by your feedback. We will try to resolve your query as soon as possible.

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this tools is wonderful it those the job for me
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thank u
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Excellent, thank you very much, it has helped me!
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will this work
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This is pretty cool guys, nice work!
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