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JavaScript Tutorial

Today Javascript are use in web browser and also work on the server. Javascript are very popular, because that is overcome the server load. And javascript are capable to send client request to server and get server request without loading webpage. Javascript are capable to work on CSS, HTML elements and that are useful to provide dynamic environment to web page.

About tutorial

This tutorial is based on fundamental concept of modern Javascript. The main goal of this tutorial is providing basic information of javascript to beginner programmer.

Features of javascript

Platform independent

Javascript are supported in all modern browser. Javascript are supported in all modern browser. Such as chrome, mozilla firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge etc.

Event Handling

Event are very useful component in Javascript because they are provide dynamic environment to user. Event are such as clicking to button , drag an element, hover selector etc.

Validating user inputs

In real time scenario most of website are use client side validation. Using javascript validation we can check user request when request are not valid then it can display custom message, and alert message to user. And That is very useful mechanism to overcome extra unwanted request to server.

Built-in Function

There are various inbuilt functions is providing in javascript such as String manipulation operation, Array operation, map interaction etc.


There are many open source library are available in javascript which are free to use and light weight. Core javascript functionality are not based in any library.

CSS manipulation

Javascript are capable to modified css properties of html elements.

DOM manipulation

Javascript are capable to add and delete html element.


Please share your knowledge to improve code and content standard. Also submit your doubts, and test case. We improve by your feedback. We will try to resolve your query as soon as possible.

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