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Code Doubly linked list

Find the length of doubly linked list in

Vb program for Find the length of doubly linked list. Here problem description and explanation.

' Include namespace system
Imports System 
' program for
'  Find length of doubly linked list

'  Define class of linked list Node
Public Class LinkNode 
    Public  data As Integer
    Public  [next] As LinkNode
    Public  prev As LinkNode
    Public Sub New(ByVal data As Integer) = data = Nothing
        Me.prev = Nothing
    End Sub

End Class
public Class DoublyLinkedList 
    Public  head As LinkNode
    Public  tail As LinkNode
    Public Sub New()
        '  Set head and tail
        Me.head = Nothing
        Me.tail = Nothing
    End Sub
    '  Insert new node at end position
    Public Sub insert(ByVal value As Integer)
        '  Create a new node
        Dim node As LinkNode = New LinkNode(value)
        if (Me.head  Is  Nothing) Then 
            '  Add first node
            Me.head = node
            Me.tail = node
        End If

        '  Add node at last position
        Me.tail.[next] = node
        node.prev = Me.tail
        Me.tail = node
    End Sub
    Public Function  length() As Integer
        Dim size As Integer = 0
        '  Get first node of linked list
        Dim temp As LinkNode = Me.head
		'  iterate linked list 
        while (temp IsNot Nothing) 
            '  Increase the size by one
            size += 1
            '  Visit to next node
            temp = temp.[next]
        End While
        Return size
    End Function 
    Public Shared Sub Main(ByVal args As String())
        Dim dll As DoublyLinkedList = New DoublyLinkedList()
        '  Insert following linked list nodes
        Console.WriteLine("Length  : " + dll.length().ToString())
    End Sub

End Class


Length  : 5


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