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Code Circular Linked List

Check linked list is circular or not in python

Python program for Check linked list is circular or not . Here problem description and explanation.

#  Python 3 Program for
#  Check linked list is circular or not

#  Define class of linked list Node
class LinkNode :
	def __init__(self, data) : = data = None

class LinkedList :
	#  Class constructor
	def __init__(self) :
		self.head = None
	#  Check circular linked list or not
	#  Note that this function is not capable to detect loop
	def isCircular(self) :
		if (self.head == None) :
			#  Case when linked list is empty
			return False
		else :
			temp = self.head
			while (temp != None) :
				#  Visit to next node
				temp =
				if (temp == self.head) :
					#  When detecting circular node
					return True
			#  When not circular linked list
			return False

def main() :
	ll = LinkedList()
	#  insert element of linked list
	ll.head = LinkNode(1) = LinkNode(2) = LinkNode(3) = LinkNode(4) = LinkNode(5)
	if (ll.isCircular()) :
	else :
	#  Connect last node to head = ll.head
	if (ll.isCircular()) :
	else :

if __name__ == "__main__": main()




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