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C Overview

C is an procedure programming language. they was initial invented by dennis ritchie in between year of 1969 to 1973. if we are start learning programming then c is a best choice because most of language follow c language syntax like java, php , and javascript. C is reliable to implements system application. most of system driver are implemented by c language.

Why use C programming?

You know about system are only work on binary number. or we can say that every instruction of system are understand only (0 and 1's). there are impossible to written every code in binary format. and if there are written then very difficult to understand. in this binary(0,1) is called low level language. so in beginning of programming we are required to translate human written code into low level language. assembly language are overcome this problem. this syntax can human readable and understand. but this is not a better solution. after the next generation invented higher programming language. they are much easier to read and written by human been. C are also an higher level programming language. consider the following points.

Mother language: Most of programming language are follow syntax of c programming language. they are provide core concept of programming. and most of compiler,Kernels are written by c language.

System Programming Language: UNIX cell,assembler,network driver,Interpreters and many component is written by c language. other most popular RDBMS, Linux Os and mysql is written by c. so we can say c is powerful system programming language

Procedural programming language Procedural programming language are well structure steps and function. they are provide proper rule to execute program as well instructions of program and solve the problem.

C program example

#include <stdio.h>
int main(){
  printf("Welcome, to C Programming\n");


Welcome, to C Programming

Feature of C programming

1) Fixed number of keywords : C is reliable because they are provide fixed number of keywords. C Language are contain only 32 keywords. proper use of those keyword we can solve complex problem.

2) Functions and operators : availability of c is provide various relation and mathematical operations. and they are also provide function capability to divide program to sub task..

3) Rich function libraries : more then 1000 of inbuilt function are available in c header files. help of those function we can perform various task.

4) Memory Management : C are support static and dynamic memory allocation. and there are possible to control those memory using programmer code.


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