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Az     602 Day ago
// Java program to implement
// Luhn algorithm

class GFG {
// Returns true if given
// card number is valid
static boolean checkLuhn(String cardNo)
	int nDigits = cardNo.length();

	int nSum = 0;
	boolean isSecond = false;
	for (int i = nDigits - 1; i >= 0; i--)

		int d = cardNo.charAt(i) - '0';

		if (isSecond == true)
			d = d * 2;

		// We add two digits to handle
		// cases that make two digits
		// after doubling
		nSum += d / 10;
		nSum += d % 10;

		isSecond = !isSecond;
	return (nSum % 10 == 0);

	// Driver code
	static public void main (String[] args)
		String cardNo = "79927398713";
		if (checkLuhn(cardNo))
			System.out.println("This is a valid card");
			System.out.println("This is not a valid card");

// This Code is contributed by vt_m.
Ashwini Vaishya     621 Day ago
Hi Team,

On 9th of June 2022, I have uploaded a java script to connect to database.
Request you to kindly delete and acknowledge the same.