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New Comment     467 Day ago
This seems to be a non-working page, I want to transfer a piece of java code, but when I paste into the input box, nothing happens.
Then I realized that it was my VPN problem.
Jane     477 Day ago
It doesn't work at all
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Meepa C     693 Day ago
Doesnt work
Pp021     740 Day ago
// file : DiscordLocale
import java.util.HashMap;

public class DiscordLocale {
	private static String[][] LOCALE = {{"da", "Danish, Denmark"}, {"de", "German, Germany"}, {"en-GB", "English, United Kingdom"}, {"en-US", "English, United States"}, {"es-ES", "Spanish, Spain"}, {"fr", "French, France"}, {"hr", "Croatian, Croatia"}, {"lt", "Lithuanian, Lithuania"}, {"hu", "Hungarian, Hungary"}, {"nl", "Dutch, Netherlands"}, {"no", "Norwegian, Norway"}, {"pl", "Polish, Poland"}, {"pt-BR", "Portuguese, Brazilian, Brazil"}, {"ro", "Romanian, Romania"}, {"fi", "Finnish, Finland"}, {"sv-SE", "Swedish, Sweden"}, {"vi", "Vietnamese, Vietnam"}, {"tr", "Turkish, Turkey"}, {"cs", "Czech, Czechia, Czech Republic"}, {"el", "Greek, Greece"}, {"bg", "Bulgarian, Bulgaria"}, {"ru", "Russian, Russia"}, {"uk", "Ukranian, Ukraine"}, {"th", "Thai, Thailand"}, {"zh-CN", "Chinese, China"}, {"ja", "Japanese (weeb 100%)"}, {"zh-TW", "Chinese, Taiwan"}, {"ko", "Korean, Korea"}};
	private static HashMap<String, String> localeMap = new HashMap<>();
	public static String fromShort(String locale) {
		return localeMap.getOrDefault(locale, "Locale Not found.");
	public void load() {
		for (int i = 0; i < LOCALE.length; i++) {
			localeMap.put(LOCALE[i][0], LOCALE[i][1]);
// Write note here
static {
static method won't work!